Tohirin, Tohirin (2016) KONSEP INTEGRASI ILMU DALAM AL-QURAN. Moderatio Diskursus Islam dan Peradaban, 5 (2). pp. 97-118. ISSN 2089-7812

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The concept of integration of science in al-Quran is a comprehensive scientific paradigm. Al-Quran in this context is the axis of science that became the point of departure once the basic postulates of the various branches of science. Integrating this knowledge can be reached in several ways. First, the Islamization of science, which attempts to evaluate, revise and modify the Western science-Secular through the viewpoint of values and teachings of Islam. Second, "ilmuisasi Islam", that attempts to interpret the source of doctrine or discipline of Islamic viewpoint rationally and empirically that Islamic teachings can be received objectively by everyone. Integration of science in the al-Quran can be seen through several aspects, namely: first, aspect ontology / nature and subject matter of science. In this aspect, al-Quran integrates object between the materials science of concrete (al-present) and the non-material (al-unseen). Second, aspects of how to get it (epistemology). In this aspect, the al-Quran integrates positivistic methods (empiricism and rationalism) with the intuitive method and revelation. Third, aspects of axiology / use value and purpose of science. According to al-Quran, it is not a value-free science, even had possessed and favoring certain value, which is to create a benefit for mankind and the universe.

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