Student Engagement in University STEM Course Through Digital Video Project Using SAMR Model

Suswandari, Suswandari Student Engagement in University STEM Course Through Digital Video Project Using SAMR Model. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, 547.

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Fostering student engagement in a university STEM course is a challenge since typical student nowadays is a digital
native. Thus, adoption of technology, particularly one that the students interact in their online milieu is a prerequisite for a
successful learning experience. In this context instructor needs to integrate elements such as content creation and social
interaction when delivering the course. This becomes imperative in recent times when online teaching and learning becomes the
norm. In this study, we present findings from an engineering course which incorporate the elements of content creation and
social interaction through video projects collaboratively created by our students. The main highlight of this course is the digital
video project which was designed according to the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition) model.
The objective of this study is to find relationship between the project and students' achievement of course outcome as proxy for
students' engagement. The methodology used a quasi-experimental method where the achievement of one target learning
outcome of this course as measured with in-house OBE software with the cohort doing the video project is compared with
cohort from past semester as control group. The results suggest significant relationship between video project activity and
achievement of learning outcome. It is also found that the video project correlates with improved student engagement in the
course. The findings from this study provide a framework for instructor in a university-level STEM course to design and
integrate technology in their course delivery

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