Meme as a History Learning Media in The Post-Millennial Generation

Suswandari, Suswandari (2021) Meme as a History Learning Media in The Post-Millennial Generation. Paramita: Historical Studies Journal, 31 (2). pp. 270-280. ISSN 0854-0039 - E-ISSN: 2407-5825

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Technology has evolved so rapidly, one of the contents which are currently popular on social media is the meme. Meme, which was initially for humor, continues to develop
into a platform for critical media to distribute knowledge. Historical themes become interesting things to inform through a meme. Meme readers can find historical details through a
meme, which makes history themes exciting, so the history teaching process can use memes
as a learning medium. e aims of this study are (1) to explore the perceptions of the meme
as history learning media; (2) to organize meme parameters that can be used as history
learning media; (3) to choose meme content that can be used as history learning media. is
study uses a qualitative analysis method with a case study approach as developed by Robert
K. Yin. e data in this study were collected from in-depth interviews, participant observation, and documentation study. e data analysis methodology, meanwhile, uses the model
of Creswell. is study took ten samples using the purposive sample from History Education
students of FKIP-UHAMKA from semesters 3, 5, and 7. e results showed that memes
have the power to be a stimulus for their readers to find out more information. Due to the
nature of meme that tends to contain jokes, it makes them easy to read. Using memes as a
learning tool allows teachers or lecturers to intersperse the historical learning process while
still presenting historical facts in an event. erefore, history learning can be successful and

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