Single-Correct Answer (SCA) and Multiple-Correct Answer (MCA) in Multiple-Choice Computer Assisted Language Testing (CALT) Program

Gunawan Suryoputro, GunawandanHerri Mulyono, HerridanTri Wintolo Apoko, Tri (2013) Single-Correct Answer (SCA) and Multiple-Correct Answer (MCA) in Multiple-Choice Computer Assisted Language Testing (CALT) Program. In: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computers in Education 2013. UHAMKA PRESS, Jakarta, pp. 835-837. ISBN 978-602-8040-72-3

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This paper describes the use of single-correct answer (SCA) and multiple-correct answer (MCA) in assessing secondary school students’ grammar proficiency in Indonesia. There were 154 students from year 11aged 15 year old that participated in the study. From the total 154 students; 98 students participated in the SCA test session, 103 students complete the MCA test, and 84 students filled in the survey. In addition, 52 students were recorded to attend the three sessions from the study: SCA, MCA and survey. Result of the study has shown that the design of SCA and MCA in multiple-choice the computer assisted language testing (CALT) program corresponds the main principle of language testing similar to the paper-based testing format. Although the design of both SCA and MCA tests fulfilled the requirement of CALL environment such as interactivity, flexibility, content appropriateness as well as performance; as the nature of test the application of SCA and MCA test in delivering the grammar test was believed to suggest stressful environment. The authenticity setting of both SCA and MCA test which was proposed to promote the originality of students’ work was identified to drive uncomfortable testing situation. Within comparison between the SCA and MCA tests, result of the study has shown that students preferred to SCA test than the MCA test. The SCA test was believed to serve practicality for the students to complete the grammar task for the sake of number of correct answer available. Although students were challenged to complete the grammar test carried within the MCA test format, students preferred not to have such testing as it created more uncomfortable testing environment for them.

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