Antioxidant Activity of Rubus fraxinifolius Poir. and Rubus rosifolius J. Sm. Leaves

Rini Prastiwi, Rini Antioxidant Activity of Rubus fraxinifolius Poir. and Rubus rosifolius J. Sm. Leaves. Journal Young Pharmacists. ISSN 09751483, 09751505

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Objective: Rubus fraxinifolius and R. rosifolius are found growing in
mountainous areas of West Java and potentially act as an antioxidant. The
objective of this research was to examine the antioxidant activity of Rubus
rosifolius J. Sm. and R. fraxinifolius Poir. leaves. Methods: Dried leaves
powder were extracted using Soxhlet apparatus with n-hexane, ethyl
acetate, and methanol. The extracts were evaporated, and antioxidant activity
was determined using DPPH free radical scavenger methods as well as
FRAP reduction capability. Total phenolic contents from the extract gave
the best antioxidant activity was measured by the Folin-Ciocalteu method.
Results: IC50 of DPPH scavenging activity of n-hexane, ethyl acetate and
methanolic extracts of R. fraxinifolius were >200; 140.97; and 4.48 ppm,
while for R. rosifolius were >200; 29.67; and 5.17 ppm, respectively.
Percent FRAP capacity of R. fraxinifolius in 25 ppm were 55.65; 89.47; and
97.65 %, while for R. rosifolius were 73.51; 82.83; and 96.5, respectively.
Total phenolic content of the methanolic extract of R. fraxinifolius and
R. rosifolius were 39.0 + 26.5 and 80.62+21.6 mg GAE/g extract.
Conclusion: Both methanolic extracts showed a significant optimum
trapping capability of free radicals and the hexane extracts did not show
antioxidant activity. Thus, it may be concluded that the methanolic extracts
of both leaves possess potent antioxidant properties and had high total
phenolic content. This investigation provides promising results to emphasize
the importance of antioxidant capabilities of both plants.

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