Tourism Practitioner’s Language Politeness Model in Kota Tua Jakarta

Wini Tarmini, Wini Tourism Practitioner’s Language Politeness Model in Kota Tua Jakarta. European Journal of Language and Culture Studies (EJ-LANG).

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This study aims to describe the politeness model of tourism practitioners in Kota Tua Jakarta. This research method uses a qualitative research design. The source of research data is the speech of tour guides and tourism officers in Kota Tua Jakarta. Data collection techniques were carried out through field observations, interviews, FGDs, and document review. The data analysis technique adopted the qualitative data analysis technique developed by Miles and Huberman, namely the interactive model of analysis. The results showed that from the speech data which amounted to 74 dialogues, it was found that the generosity maxim was 4 utterances or 6%, the tact maxim was 6 utterances or 8%, the approbation maxim was 15 utterances or 21%, the modesty maxim was 1 utterance or 1%, Obligation Speaker to Other maxim is 6 utterances or 8%, Obligation Other to Speaker maxim is 1 utterance or 1%, Agreement maxim is 13 utterances or 18%, Opinion reticence maxim is 14 utterances or 19%, Sympathy maxim is 8 utterances or 11%, The feeling ritincence maxim is 5 utterances or 7%. The dominance of the use of approbation maxim, opinion reticence maxim, and agreement maxim, it can be said that to show politeness in language, tourism practitioners apply the rules of indecision. The use of grammatical and lingual markers in the speech of tourism practitioners such as the use of the word mungkin, terima kasih, iya, bagus, boleh, seperti itu, nah jadi … (maybe, thank you, yes, good, may, like that, well so ...) become a model of politeness in the language of tourism practitioners in the Kota Tua Jakarta.

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