The effects of inteligence approach on students motivation in learning indonesian language

Prima Gusti Yanti, PGY (2015) The effects of inteligence approach on students motivation in learning indonesian language. Education creativity and innovation in perspectives of the ASEAN - china relation. pp. 350-353.

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The purpose of this study was to know the influence of language inielegence approach to student’s motivation in learning Indonesian language. This research was conducted at SDN 17 Pagi Kemayoran, Central Jakarta in the fourth grade. Teaching Indonesian language in this school.thc writer found that there many students who cannot get standard minimum score. This is because of low student motivation Therefore, lire problem can be solved by ¡earning Indonesian language intelligence approach. The Classes used in this research are class 4 A as an experimental class and class I R as the contiol class, flic matching only post-test control group design was used lor the pattern of this research. The datas were obtained using a questionnaire. Research shows (5,55 > 1,684) ihen

count is outside the reception area so that is Ho rejected and Hi accepted. The conclusion shows that there is a significant difference between students' motivation to learn Indonesian language throught intelligence approach.
Keywords; Effect, language intelligence, motivation to learn, Indonesian, the Matching Method only posttest control group design

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