Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Phytochemical Evaluation of Cordia sebestena L.

Hanani, EndangdanSri Harsodjo, SridanHayati, hayatidanNellysa Revita, Nellysa Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Phytochemical Evaluation of Cordia sebestena L. Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Phytochemical Evaluation of Cordia sebestena L..

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Cordia sebestena L. belongs to family Boraginaceae is commonly known as “Geiger Tree” in Indonesia, it is generally found in Indonesia included Jakarta, and many other countries. Some researchers have revealed the presence of several pharmacology activities. Thus this study is an attempt to present an overview of pharmacognostic and phytochemical evaluation reported on this plant. Objective: In the present investigation, various pharmacognostic standards have been investigated to prove the authenticity of the plant for the claimed traditional uses. This will help in the identification of powder drug prior to using in medicine. Methods: Macroscopic, microscopic and physicochemical evaluation, of the drug was performed using standardized procedures as mentioned in the WHO and Indonesian Herb Pharmacopoeia guidelines.Thin layer chromatography profile was done using some different mobile phase system to the identification of the drug. Results: The physicochemical parameters such as moisture content, ethanol- and water-soluble extractive, total ash, acidinsoluble ash value, were determined. Phytochemical screening showed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, tannins, steroids, terpenoids in the ethanolic extracts of leaf of this plant. The TLC profile of n-hexane, dichloromethane and methanol extract were carried out 5, 7 and 2 spots respectively. Conclusion: The present study on pharmacognostical, physicochemical and phytochemical standards could be useful information for authentication and preparation monograph for C.sebestena.

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