Muchdie, Muchdie (2017) GIRIOT REVISITED: UP-DATED AND EVALUATED. International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, 02 (02). pp. 2377-2396. ISSN 2455-8834


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This paper reported an evaluated of a hybrid procedure in GIRIOT (Generation Inter-Regional Input-Output Table) applied for an Island economy of Indonesia. The model was then up-dated using Indonesian data for the year 2015. GIRlOT combines and modifies the GRIT II and GRIT III procedures developed at The University of Queensland. At least three aspects of the new procedure are different to GRIT; the hybrid procedure designed for a mainland economy in a developed country. GRIT uses national technical coefficients. GIRlOT adjusts regional technology differences since in an island country like Indonesia; regional diversity exists in its ecology, economy and culture. GRIT uses LQ (Location Quotient) techniques. GIRIOT estimates the intra-regional input coefficients by employing the generalised RSP (Regional Supply Percentage) and uses column-only as well as row-only approaches. The two approaches are then reconciled. GIRlOT also estimates the inter-regional input coefficients using the interisland transport pattern of commodity groups for primary and secondary sectors and the pattern of population distribution for the non-zero imports of service sectors. The GIRIOT procedure consists of three stages, seven phases and twenty four steps. Stage I: Estimation of Regional Technical Coefficients, consists of two phases, namely Phase 1: Derivation of National Technical Coefficients and Phase 2: Adjustment for Regional Technology. Stage II: Estimation of Regional Input Coefficients, consists of two phases, namely Phase 3: Estimation of Intraregional Input Coefficients, and Phase 4: Estimation of Inter-regional Input Coefficients, and Stage III: Derivation Transaction Tables, consists of three phases, namely Phase 5: Derivation of Initial Transaction Tables, Phase 6: Sectoral Aggregation, and Phase 7: Derivation of Final Transaction Tables. The results were two 5 region-9 sector models; row only table and column only table. The validity of the two tables was tested using professional judgment as well as sensitivity test of multipliers resulted yang the models.

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